Meet Dave

Conservative Republican.
Pro-Life. Pro 2nd Amendment.

Dave is ready to put his years of service and success in the private and public sectors to good use as your State Representative.


A lifetime of service has taught Dave Griffith the value of a quality of education. Good schools create opportunity, build strong communities, and sustain a thriving economy. Dave Griffith will fight to ensure every child can access a high-quality education that will set them up for success.


Dave Griffith knows our local economy is built by small businesses and public servants. Cutting red tape, eliminating costly regulations, and fighting government waste are key to creating new jobs while ensuring Missouri has the resources to give public servants the compensation they deserve.


Crumbling roads, bridges, and utilities aren’t just dangerous — they drag down our entire economy. Dave Griffith is committed to investing in our infrastructure now to create jobs, spur economic activity, and to ensure Missouri is ready to compete in the 21st century.


An Army veteran, Dave Griffith has seen firsthand the problems our military personnel face. After their countless sacrifices, Dave Griffith believes we must use every tool at our disposal — veterans courts, tuition incentives, and other support services — to help our veterans and their families.

A Note from Dave

I love this community. I want to use my God-given skills and talents to ensure we leave our community in better shape for the next generation than what we inherited. We can do it…

But we must do it together.

What You Need to Know


Pro Life

Dave believes every life has value…period.


Pro 2nd Amendment

Law-abiding gun owners deserve the protections afforded by the 2nd Amendment.


Pro Agriculture

Our family farms have enough to worry about without the government thrusting new guidelines and regulations on them.


Responsible Government

Families and small businesses have to live on a budget. The Government should too.


Traditional Values

We must fight to maintain our midwest traditional values. Dave will do just that!


Common Sense

Dave will seek to build bridges, not burn them.


Your generous financial contribution will ensure Dave and his campaign have the resources to get his limited government message out throughout the 60th District.